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Helen has been a G-dsend. She made all of our favorites, changing recipes if we asked and finding out exactly how to make us happy.  I especially loved her marinated salmon and cucumber salads. After my husband took sick I couldn't cook every day any more. 
Florence, Boynton Beach

We are in our 90's and can't cook much for ourselves any more. Helen cooks whatever we ask for, always finds a way to make the dishes we grew up with.  Her chicken matzoh ball soup is the best.
Zelda , Delray Beach

Helen got my picky eater son to enjoy vegetables. Everything was delicious.  She left the kitchen neater than it was when she came here.  I look forward to the next time she makes stuffed cabbage.
Mark H.  Boca Raton

When I told Chef Helen that I wanted organic, and gluten free it didn't phase her.  We came up with new recipes every week and each dish was better than the ones before.  Love her soups!
Jan, Del Ray and Stuart

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare strictly kosher food for one client and then cook non kosher for another client the following day?

Typically Personal Chefs keep a kit of their most used pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, spices, condiments etc that travels with them to each client's kitchen.  This is not acceptable to the kosher client. Dishes used in a non-kosher or possibly non kosher home can not be used in theirs. Also kosher cooking necessitates separate cooking and dining equipment for meat, dairy and parve or neutral dishes.  When I cook in my client's home, I use their pots, pans, knives, stoves etc. This way we maintain their level of kashrut "kosherness" . I am also able to bring kosher ingredients to my clients that don't keep kosher and cook the food to their standard.

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